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Glo Community: We’re better together

I’m excited to announce we’re launching Glo Community! 

We’ve been able to post comments about each class since we launched Glo in 2008. But as our membership grew, so too did the number classes and comments. Conversations naturally became more difficult to locate across our growing library. We’re relaunching community interactions and commentary, grateful for your support and patience. Conversations on Glo can now resume. 

Glo Community creates a supportive space for conversations about health and well-being. We hold ourselves accountable to values and behaviors that grow awareness, nurture kindness, and practice curiosity. We invite you to our collective promise:

Fostering community and conversation is a core Glo component. Our mission is to connect people through self-care. Together we can heal ourselves and our planet. Self-care extends into our work life, our family life, and our innermost experiences. Self-care is more than just self-exploration, it is a complexity of practices we do with each other. We hope that Glo Community provides a safe space to share your practices and insights, and experience meaningful, informative connections.

Derik Mills, Glo co-founder

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