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In honor of International Day of Yoga, our thank you note to yoga

Happy International Day of Yoga! While we (and everyone we know) celebrates yoga every day, it is powerful to have a dedicated moment that unifies practitioners around the world. On December 14th, 2014, the United Nations passed resolution 69/131, declaring June 21st to be the day to celebrate the benefits of yoga and elevate awareness worldwide.

Yoga practitioners have welcomed this holiday and run with it! There are global celebrations that range from Yoga Mala festivals (a practice of 108 Sun Salutations) to outreach classes for under-served communities, as well as benefit classes where the proceeds go to support a specific cause. These festivities are exactly what the founders hoped for when passing this resolution—and more. The team at Glo will be attending events to honor the practice, but as the day approached, in addition to being pulled outward to celebrate, we were drawn to pause and move inward; to ask ourselves, what does this day really mean to us?

Instead of focusing on yoga “for something,” we thought we’d take a moment and actually thank yoga for all that it does for us. Our focus is often on how yoga can help us, but how do we help yoga? We can start by telling it how grateful we are.

Thank you, yoga –

For holding space for healing

For offering unconditional support

For revealing the answer that’s already within

For reminding us that we are body, mind, and spirit, and all require care

For returning us again and again to the present moment

For creating connection

For surfacing what needs to be released

For lovingly insisting we do the work

For inviting us to live fully

For exposing the illusion of our separateness

For honoring our effort, however we show up

For shining the light of wisdom

For welcoming us home no matter how long we’ve strayed

For remaining steadfast through our challenges, our mistakes, and our pain

For giving and giving without expectation

For reflecting the vision of our fullest, truest Selves.

Whether it’s writing in your journal, sharing your ideas with a friend, or simply sitting quietly with yourself, we invite you to take a moment to do this today. If you are at all like us, once you start thanking yoga, you won’t be able to stop.

And if, like us, completing your list makes you want to hop on your mat, we hand-selected classes that exemplify our gratitude for the many gifts of yoga:

Gratitude Flow:
Attune to Gratitude:
Radical Gratitude:
A Short Practice for Gratitude:
Find Gratitude Flow:

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