Teachers The Language of Yoga


Relieve stress, build resilience and enable compassion for an engaged K-12 classroom

Yoga and Mindfulness for K-12 teachers is a research-based framework built by teachers for teachers. Too often teachers are stressed and overwhelmed with everyday pressures in the classroom, impacting the learning environment. Katherine Ghannam teaches how to live sustainably as a teacher, supporting your own social and emotional health first, in order to support the social and emotional health of your students. This course will show you how to use yoga and mindfulness as a practical tool to improve your well-being as a K-12 teacher.

Whether you have two minutes or 20 minutes to spare, this course will show you how to regroup and refocus with simple yoga and mindfulness videos. You will dig into the research and science behind yoga and mindfulness to understand the impact these practices have on the brain and body.

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