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Learn How to Skillfully Add Meditation Into Your Yoga Classes

We are thrilled to announce we’ve just launched a new teacher training course with David Wagner to help yoga teachers include meditation in their yoga classes.

Have you been meditating for years and now feel it’s time to share that knowledge with others? If you are a yoga teacher, this course will help you incorporate meditation into your classes. If you are a longtime practitioner, this course will help you meaningfully share meditation techniques with your friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Yoga is more than just performing poses correctly — the physical practice of yoga is only a small portion of the practice itself. Yoga is steeped in the tradition of meditation and you will greatly enhance your student’s experience of the yoga practice by introducing meditation into their lives.

This is a course for yoga teachers who want to incorporate meditation into their classes. It covers the basic yoga philosophy behind meditation and trains you how to practice and teach a variety of basic meditation techniques.

What’s In This Course:

Practical tips to guide you, the yoga teacher, on how to approach meditation, both for yourself and your students. This course includes practical advice and training about best practices and the pitfalls of teaching the inner aspects of meditation.

In the Course You Will Explore:

  • Meditation Philosophy
  • The Four Bodies
  • Basic Relaxation Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Meditation on the Subtle Body
  • Bhavana Meditation
  • Best practices for your own meditation practice
  • Practical Guidance for teaching meditation and avoiding common pitfalls
  • How to create a meditation of any length to suit the needs of the student
  • How to tailor your practice to the needs of your group
  • How to simplify broader philosophical concepts
  • How to keep your student’s attention during a meditation session
  • What NOT to say during meditation


This course is designed for all levels. It is designed specifically for yoga teachers who are looking to incorporate inner yoga and meditation into their asana classes.

To learn more, please visit David’s course for yoga teachers: The Yoga of Meditation.

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