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7 Days to Total Flexibility with Amy Ippoliti


“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga!” How many times have you heard it? How many times have you said it? Amy Ippoliti’s new 7 Days to Total Flexibility YogaGlo Program will change all that for good.

Amy’s 7-day program is designed to systematically open the different areas of your body and bring more mobility into all your muscles and joints. One of the most common objections Amy hears about practicing yoga is “I’m too tight to do yoga.” And that of course is THE reason to get on the mat!

Some of the most flexible yoga practitioners started out unable to even touch their toes. If you’re stiff, this program will help you gain more flexibility than you ever imagined. If you’re already pretty flexible, this program will help you stretch more safely, with more stability and strength!

 Each day of this program focuses on a different part of the body including:

  • The hamstrings, calves, and Lower back
  • The shoulders and arms
  • The side body and twists for the spine
  • The hips
  • The quads and hip flexors

We’ll also pause along the way to check in on your progress.

After completing all 7 days, you’ll have a clear understanding of your own body’s anatomy and a deeper awareness of your thresholds so you can keep yourself safe but still challenged in regular group classes.

It’s most ideal to practice daily for 6 days and then take a rest, so we’ll have a rest day toward the middle of the week. Then on the final day we’ll put it all together in a potpourri practice.

With 7 days of this program under your belt it’s not uncommon to experience:

  • increased levels of happiness
  • a release of tension
  • a spring in your step
  • a tingly feeling (prana) in your body
  • and a feeling of accomplishment

Start Amy’s 7 Days to Flexibility today!

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