There's a Class for That

5 Yoga Classes to Help You Reconnect to Your Practice

We all get in ruts – with our jobs, relationships and even our practice. There are times where we just don’t want to roll out our mats. We all get there sooner or later, but the trick is to get out of it.

Reconnecting to your practice is all about exploring the new. Try getting out of your comfort zone and revisit a beginners perspective or check out that new studio – bring a friend or go alone. Go to that other teacher’s class, try a different style. If you practice at home, take your mat outside.

Looking how to to re-inspire your yoga practice? We’ve got the classes for you! In addition, Jason Crandell offers simple tips for reconnecting your practice so you can get back what matters most!

  • Amidst Chaos, Find Peace with Chelsey: Reset your mind and return back to more kind and loving thoughts. Practice free-flowing seated movements in a sequence that will be sure to warm your spine in all directions. Move through the sequence several times to get deeper into your heart. Tune in to your breath, moving into deep forward folds, concluding with meditation. Add this to any morning or evening routine to calm your busy mind and reset your intentions.
  • Move Your Practice Forward with Jason: Stuck in a yoga rut? A challenging practice that will move it forward by tackling less common posture variations. Integrate handstand work into your sequence, explore less common backbends and arm balances and work on binds and twists. Move at a steady, mindful pace that will keep you moving, but won’t feel rushed. If it’s time to do something just different enough, then this one’s for you.
  • Awaken a New Level of Mastery with Kia: This great all-around practice offers an experience of awakening and elevating your energy. Class includes a kriya that builds the rejuvenating force of your body, strengthens your aura and works your magnetic field, heart and shoulders to help create mental calmness and strength. This kriya also includes exercises that set the navel point, bringing a sense of centeredness. Consider practicing this regularly to keep your body feeling cleansed and more at ease. Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • Subtle Body Training with Tias: By listening to sensations in your body, you can bring heightened awareness to any and all poses in your yoga practice. Through tracking sensation and pulsation in your body, begin to train yourself to attune to the ancient nadis of the yoga system. Move through a series of mostly supine poses focusing on your hips and lower body. As all poses are guided toward deep inner listening, the pace is slow and methodical. Props Needed: A blanket and a strap. Props Suggested: A block.
  • Spring Cleaning with Noah: Shake off the cobwebs, shed the winter, put a spring in your step and a sparkle on your smile in a quick and potent practice of hip openers, core strengthening, spine strengthening (for you snow shovelers and gardeners), handstands, twists, and some deep breathing. Come ready to move and breathe and clean the temple of your body and mind. A quick all around practice to get you ready for the new season. Props Needed: Wall space.



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