There's a Class for That Yoga for Beginners

Beginner Flexibility Yoga Classes

Are you new to yoga and looking to gain greater flexibility? These classes from our flexibility programs are specifically designed to twist, bend and stretch your body while working on major muscle groups such as hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders. Whether your focus is to release body tension, gain greater range of motion or be less suseptible to injuries, these classes from our flexibility program will help you be and feel more flexible.

  • Gentle Beginners Flow with Steven Espinosa: A gentle thirty minute class perfect for beginners, containing a variety of seated poses and forward bends like upavistha konasana and janu sirsasana. Explore a few hip openers (agnistambhasana) and twists to create more flexibility and space in your entire body. Ends with brief savasana. Optional Props: A blanket and a block.
  • Light Movement Refresher with Jo Tastula: A practice that flows between light movements to get things flowing and deeper stretches to open your body up. Beginning with your shoulders and thighs, you then move into a gentle flow which is perfect for the beginner wanting an introduction to the vinyasa flow style of yoga. Expect a well rounded flow including, lunges, backbends, hip openers (like supine pigeon) and of course, a nice rest in savasana to conclude.
  • Oil for Tin Men & Tin Women with Amy Ippoliti: By popular request, this practice is now available in a 20 minute duration for slow risers, those who feel creaky or just sore from a workout the day before. Take 20 minutes to lube your joints, get re-calibrated, and more present for your life. Have a strap and two blocks available. A blanket is helpful.
  • Working With Seriously Stiff Shoulders with Jason Crandell: This practice is designed for students with seriously stiff shoulders. The sequence includes accessible postures that will help you restore range of motion and facilitate circulation. It includes a combination of chair work, standing and reclined postures. Props Needed: Strap and chair. The information contained on YogaGlo’s website is of a general nature and cannot be a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. We urge you to consult with a physician or other health care professional before engaging in any physical activity, regimen, routine, program or exercise that may be presented in these materials. YogaGlo does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine.
  • Stiff Person Yoga with Richard Freeman: Learn how to breath along with leg, hip and spinal patterns. An accessible form of sun salutations, this practice can be done by the stiff, the old or the slightly unstable practitioner.
  • Everyday Hips & Hammies with Kathryn Budig: Our legs hold us up all day long so it’s time to give them some love! This sequence is safe for everyday use for either maintenance or helping in flexibility. props: blanket and optional strap.
  • Remove Stagnation with Felicia Tomasko: Ever have days where your body feels like it’s full of lead, or cement, or you’re stuck in a swamp? And you’re exhausted? This Ayurvedically-inspired practice can encourage the body to excavate what is no longer needed. This mix of gentle heart-openers, shoulder openers and supported backbends help to remove stagnation and address any build-up of the kapha dosha, the elements of water and earth.
  • Fun Low Back Maintenance with Alex van Frank: The art of low back health maintenance in an easy to follow slow flow. Great for those days when you feel a little stiff either physically or mentally. Start standing, doing movements to loosen up your hips and unwind your spine. Then, come down to your mat for seated and supine poses, like twists and forward folds. Rejuvenate the back and recharge your mental focus. Props Needed: Two blocks.
  • Find Calm & Unwind After A Long Day with Steven Espinosa: This calming 15 minute segment is perfect to unwind and relax at the end of a long day! Consisting of a variety of reclining and restorative poses, including supported bridge and half shoulder stand. Also includes several inner and outer hip openers to release lower back stress. Using a block is recommended for some poses while others can be done at the wall. Props Needed: A block and wall space.

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