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6 Yoga Classes for Athletes to Build Strength

From running and surfing, to dance and rock climbing, it’s hard to find a sport where yoga isn’t suggested to help enhance an athlete’s overall performance and strength. Did you know that integrating a yoga practice into your training regimen can help you reach new levels of fitness, inside and out?

These classes will help you gain strength, flexibility and stamina for the sports you love.

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  •  Yoga for Rock Climbers with Taylor Harkenss: Rock climbing is an adventurous, adrenaline pounding, very challenging sport. As good as it is for the soul to be out in nature and for the mind to overcome fears and challenges, it can give the body a real beating. This practice will work on core strength and balance (essential components for climbing) and then release all of the tight spots climbers run into: forearms, wrists, shoulders, and hips. Practice yoga and ‘climb on’. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a bolster.
  • Yoga for Athletes with Stephanie Snyder: This class is designed for athletes. We will work on the different aspects of the practice that will enhance your performance in athletics. In addition, we will focus on lengthening hamstrings, quadriceps, and psoas muscles. I hope this class helps bring balance and ease into your body.
  • Cross-Training for Runners with Felicia Tomasko: Focus on postures to create strength and suppleness, flexibility and stability to unwind tension in the neck, back, shoulders, hips and legs after running. Long floor sequence to stretch hamstrings and musculature of the hip and low back while encouraging healthy joints. Techniques throughout the practice were used to stimulate the lymphatic and immune system and enhance the ability to take a deep breath.
  • Yoga for Dancers – Lower Back & Upper Body Alignment with Steven Espinosa: In this segment of Yoga For Dancers we focus on Lower Back and Upper Body Alignment. Such as the tendency for dancers to have a “hyper flexible” lower lumbar spine and how to protect the lower back when doing yoga. We also focus on the difference between Arms/Shoulder/Upper Back alignment i.e., port de bras. This class includes a strong Standing Pose Flow and several Shoulder Openers. Suitable for non dancers as well.
  • Raise Power on Your Bike with Amy Ippoliti: When you address lower body tightness and learn to integrate lower body muscle function through specific stretches for the hips and lower back, you make strides toward more power on the pedals. This 30 minute practice will lift you there. – Props: Chair, strap.
  • Balance Muscles Post-Surf with Tara Judelle: A short sequence, for post surfing to open up the upperback, shoulders, neck, psoas and hamstring to balance muscles for fluidity and strength.
  • Cross-Training for Hockey, Soccer & Boxing with Tiffany Cruikshank: This class is specifically aimed at hockey & soccer players as well as boxing or other sports that involve side to side movement & rotation. We look at the tension in the outer thighs and hips and the rotational component of these sports as well as the fatigue of the quads. This is meant to be used between trainings as a cross training or can be used in post sport if needed.

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