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5 Yoga Poses for Strong Arms

5 yoga classes for strong arms

Looking to tighten and tone up your arms? These five poses will be sure to help you build lean, toned muscle, improve your strength and stability, and build your bone density. Practice them today for strong, toned arms tomorrow!

  • Chaturanga Dandasana: A quintessisential transition pose in vinyasa yoga, chaturanga dandasana is sure to generate strength and heat in your whole body. Focus on alignment as you learn two ways to acess this powerful pose.

Chaturanga Dandasana

  • Downward Facing Dog: Access your hamstring length, arm strength and shoulder rotation as you review the foundations of this pose. Reach your hips high and you create both power and ease in your body and mind.


  • Side crane Pose: Enjoy this flight seeking pose that is sure to create strength in your upper body and psoas areas. A great asana to do if you are exploring crow pose. Make sure you breathe!

sidecrane pose

  • One Leg Sage Galava’s: Learn to take flight with this challenging but fun arm balance. Blend hip opening, core strength and shoulder stability as you develop confidence and balance. Feel your power and eventually this pose may become one of your favorites to practice!


  • Dolphin Pose:A great prepatory posture for arm balances and inversions, practice this excellent pose to open your hamstrings, strengthen your arms, shoulders and chest, and build some heat throughout your whole body. No matter what your level, learn ways to make this pose part of your daily practice!

dolphin pose

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