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This week in wellness news, are you feeling overwhelmed by all the shopping, entertaining and eating frenzy of the holidays? Let meditation ease the pressure of the season and help you to feel calm and balanced.

Read that and these other great stories from around the web. These are the tops Yoga, Health & Wellness stories to bring you up to speed.

  • Stressed by the holidays? Try a 1-minute meditation to calm your mind: A great way to redirect your focus off the holiday stress is to find peace with the help of your own heart beat.
  • Mindfulness May Ease Holiday Habits & Stresses: New research from American University proposes that mindfulness can counteract the adverse impacts of mindless consumption due to automatic thoughts, habits, and unhealthy behavior patterns.
  • How To Practice Mindfulness Into The New Year, Because It All Starts With Reflection: “One day, keep a count of how many times you check your phone. The number might astonish you. Being uber-connected every single day, all the days of your live-long life sounds exhausting and it definitely impacts your mood! Yoga Medicine instructor, Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham says that’s why taking a big ‘ole break from your phone will improve your mindfulness almost instantly. “Pick a realistic time that suits your schedule and start with just once a week. In our house, we choose Sundays. From when we wake up until after we’ve had breakfast, we have a no phone rule,” she tells Bustle. “Some weeks that means 30 minutes, some longer. I find the more I practice this, the less I crave my digital buddy by my side. Life is happening, are you experiencing it?”

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