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6 Yoga Classes to Cultivate Strength

yoga for strengthen

Whether we realize it or not, we all face various challenges each day. Many of them are just minor challenges that we deal with automatically and easily, but some of them require more mental, and physical strength. As we undergo changes in our life, it’s important to learn to build that strength in order to effectively deal with all of the difficulties and challenges that will come our way. This requires a certain degree of perseverance, will-power, and discipline.

There are many different ways in which a person can develop their strength and  practicing yoga is just one of them. So this week’s featured classes will help you build physical and mental strength, on the mat and off.

  • Strength & Grace with Jo Tastula: Although seemingly contradictory, these two elements compliment each other and when practiced in harmony. A strengthening class without being too strenuous or heated, focus on masculine and feminine energies while stepping lightly with control and moving with grace. Peak postures are vashistasana, side plank with leg extended and pincha mayurasana. Mix in restorative postures and leave with a sense of inner balance and calm. Props Suggested: A block.
  • Yoga Workout with Stephanie Snyder: This sequence focuses on strengthening and toning while maintaining flexibility and balance in your body. Less talking and more doing for when your yoga is also your workout.
  • Secret Strength with Richard Freeman: Exercises for the Apana pattern. Apana is the pattern throughout your body controlling exhaling and grounding. A practice that reveals the pattern and movements of apana and shows the secrets of how to train it. Open and feel the channels which allow you to drop your breath. Standing poses, core strengthening poses navasana and bakasana are included.
  • Mobile & Strong Side Body with Dice: In yoga, stretching and strengthening the front and back of your body is often the focus. Both are equally important, but being aware of your side body is just as essential. Move through a specially curated series of poses including supine twists, forearm plank variations, and some funky down dog play that focus on your sides. Feel more mobile and strong in your side body when all is done. Props Needed: A block.
  • Build Strength & Confidence for Arm Balances with Jason Crandell: Developing your core, shoulder and arm strength establishes confidence and skill in arm balances and inversions. Strengthen your body where you need it the most for these postures: your abdominals, hip flexors, shoulders and arms. You will tackle a few arm balances, but focus more on strengthening postures that will build your skill and confidence for arm balances in the future. Props Needed: A block.
  • Strong & Grounded with Annie Carpenter: An accessible and deliberate class that will leave you feeling strong and grounded. With an emphasis on Apana in breath and sequencing, you’ll move through forward bending standing poses, malasana and bakasana, camel pose and some seated hamstring and hip releases. Sighing is allowed. Props Suggested: One or two blocks and a blanket.

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