There's a Class for That

Love Your Body This Week

Tight hips? Sore shoulders? Or maybe your tootsies ache from being on your feet all day? Don’t worry, yoga to the rescue! This week’s featured classes will give your body the extra love that it oh-so deserves.

  • Learn to Love Your Shoulders with Elena Brower: Learn to love your shoulders, extend your range of motions and open space for your breathing in this sweet Hatha sequence with a touch of vinyasa flow. Props Needed: A block and a blanket.
  • Show Your Feet Some Love with Giselle Mari: We spend a lot of our time on our feet and rarely give them the love they so deserve. In this brief session give your tootsies some attention that can increase awareness of your feet while giving them some release and relief. Props Needed: Two Blocks, One Blanket, One Tennis Ball and Wall Space.
  • Outer Hip Love with Marla Apt: Work the outer hips to help with balance and structural stability of all joints in the lower body. In this well rounded class, learn how to keep the outer hips stable, especially in balancing standing poses. Props: Three Blankets, One Strap, One Block
  • Wrist Love with Amy Ippoliti: Have wrist issues or trouble doing things with or on your hands? This sequence may be used regularly to help build strength and flexibility in your wrists. Opens the shoulders and neck, and includes a restorative with a blanket. Have a block and a strap available if you like.
  • Hip Flexor Love with Darren Rhodes: Take the hell out of Hatha when it comes to your hip flexors. Darren shows how to avoid over stretching or straining your hip flexors in various poses.
  • Shoulder Love with Kathryn Budig: Give your shoulders some love with a yin style class. Long holds in chest openers from the ground leading up into supported Downward Facing Dog and Headstand. Props: Two Blocks, optional wall space.

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