There's a Class for That

Yoga to Heal Your Broken Heart

There's a class for that

Most of us have experienced some sort of deep loss or trauma where our heart felt like it was broken. The experience of losing something or someone that mattered to us can be emotionally and physically debilitating and the thought of ever healing from that loss can seem inconceivable. Although we might not think it at the time and though we may never truly be the same, we can eventually heal.

If you have been struggling with a broken heart, give yoga a try. This week’s featured classes will help aid in healing a broken heart by nourishing the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart space with unconditional love.

  • Heart Healing Meditation with Kathryn Budig: This visually guided meditation takes you through a journey to your heart. It aids in the healing process and allows us to see our light, the light in others and encourages our ability to both give and receive love.
  • When Life Throws You Curve Balls with Amy Ippoliti: When your spirit has been broken, you feel defeated, or you’re grieving, sometimes a practice that helps you blow off some steam and “get back on the horse” is just what is needed rather than something slow or gentle. This is straight up vinyasa, warrior poses, and hand balances for a full body rush of transformative power when times are tough.
  • Release Sadness with Elena Brower: All we have is our inner state. Inspired by a meditation with Tara Brach, we will release physical contractions by moving gently, release heart contractions by opening slowly and pointedly, and release mind contractions using our breathing in a quiet meditation. You’ll feel any sadness softening and dissipating with this practice.
  • Calm Your Heart with Kia Miller: This meditation induces a feeling of calmness. If you are feeling emotionally challenged at work or in a personal relationship then practice this meditation before deciding how to act. Practiced daily it helps to develop your concentration and promotes rejuvenation at a deep level. An essential tool to keep in your back pocket!
  • Let Go of Heartache, Nourish Yourself Deeply with Felicia Tomasko: Every breath is an opportunity to nourish ourselves (inhalation) digest (the pause) and detoxify (the exhalation). We incorporate this process throughout class. In this heart-opening restorative practice, the focus of the breath is to let go of heartache and to nourish the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart space with unconditional love. The sequence utilizes a supported backbend with two blocks along with forward folds and a variety of side bends and twists, all with the aim of creating and enhancing the suppleness of the heart as well as the entire region of the chest, which in Ayurveda is seen as the home of the kapha dosha, the energy of water and earth. Through the breath, we can remove stagnation. Through the breath, we love and nourish ourselves deeply.
  • Hamsa Heart Meditation with David Harshada Wagner: This meditation uses the ancient mantra Ham-Sa to connect us deeply with the heart.

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