Essential Yoga Anatomy with Jason Crandell and Paul B. Roache, MD

Yoga Anatomy

Many of you have asked about additional ways to study with our teachers – whether it’s to expand your own yoga practice or to enhance the way you teach yoga to others. We’re thrilled to offer the very first online course along these lines: Essential Yoga Anatomy with Jason Crandell and Paul B. Roache, MD.

In this essential yoga anatomy course, alignment-based vinyasa teacher Jason Crandell and orthopedic surgeon Paul Roache, MD, have distilled the subject of anatomy into a dynamic, practical course that is directly relevant to yoga practice and teaching. This is not your high school anatomy course filled with rote memorization that you’ll soon forget. It won’t mire you down in details you don’t need. Instead, you’ll receive tools and knowledge that will improve your yoga practice and sharpen your yoga teaching skills.

This online yoga anatomy course is right for you if:

  • You’ve hit a plateau and want to progress in your poses
  • You or your students want to minimize the risk of injuries by understanding anatomical concepts
  • You want to improve the accuracy of your teaching
  • You want to more safely and effectively guide your students with your hands and your verbal cues
  • You want to get better at “seeing” bodies and understanding how to guide them

The course is made up of 8 modules that include lectures, slides, demonstrations, Q&A, and asana practice. Content is available to you for as long as you need. Unlike live courses, you can learn at your own pace and repeat lectures and practices as often as you’d like!

You’ll also recieve:

  • 150+ downloadable anatomical illustrations that give you a comprehensive encyclopedia of the body
  • 60-minute sequences to integrate the teachings
  • Direct access to ask Paul and Jason your questions via weekly live chat
  • Structured message boards to connect with other yoga students and teachers

The 8 modules include:

  • The Foundation: Your Feet and Ankles
  • The Columns and Movers: Your Legs and Knees
  • The Big ‘Ole Bowl: Your Pelvis and Legs
  • The Central Axis: Your Spine, Core, and Container
  • The Anatomy of Breathing: Your Diaphragm and its Helpers
  • The Ball and Socket: Your Shoulders and Arms
  • The Control Tower: Your Nervous System
  • Advanced Simplicity: Learning to See and Understand Bodies

We are honored to provide these incredible teachings to students and teachers all over the world and look forward to supporting you in your journey for ever-increasing knowledge and awareness.