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Yoga for Athletes


Are you an athlete looking to enhance your performance? Yoga to the rescue! Several studies show how practicing yoga can improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and mental control which can result in improved performance, injury reduction and faster recovery time.

This week’s featured classes will help athletes elevate their game and focus and expand their limits.

  • Yoga for Athletes with Elena Brower: While the muscles and bones are in close contact post-workout, this practical, athletic sequence of handstands, vinyasa flow, standing poses, backbends, hip openers, backbends, regrounding stretch and twist will strengthen, open and nourish your entire body.
  • Yoga Flow for Strength with Jason Crandell: The title of this class is “A complete and balanced strengthening practice that doesn’t feel like high-school gym-class.” Paced to keep you moving without rushing you along, this is a deliberately organized sequence that will strengthen the major muscle groups of your body without sacrificing attention to detail. Although challenging, this practice focuses on poses that most students can actually do (or approach within reason) and repeat. After-all, if you can’t do or repeat the poses, it’s pretty hard to develop significant strength with them.
  • Cross Training for Athletes New to Yoga with Tiffany Cruikshank: This is a general cross training class for athletes of any sport to get you familiar with the basics of vinyasa.
  • Pre-Game Meditation with Harshada Wagner:Pre-Game Meditation. This meditation is a great preparation for athletic performance or any competition.
  • Yoga for Athletes Seeking a Challenge with Christina Sell: Commitment to a Vision: This class is perfect for athletes who want to challenge themselves with standing postures, arm balances and twists. Dynamic, funny and intense, this practice incorporates biomechanical precision with long holds and inspiring commentary to help strengthen resolve and expand your limits.
  • Cross-Training Flow for Athletes with Stephanie Snyder: This sequence is designed for the athlete (or anyone) who has tight hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings. Activities like running, hiking, cycling can all shorten these muscle groups in a way that can inhibit your athletic performance and cause aches and pains in the low back and knees. We will move through a flowing vinyasa class that will help cultivate freedom and flexibility in your lower body.

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