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The Language of Yoga

Niyamas: Svadhyaya

More recently, svadhyaya has come to mean "self-reflection." Self-reflection is the thing most of us not only resist, but resist with vigor. Sitting with all our pain and trying to understand it by looking into it can feel like…

The Language of Yoga

The Niyamas: Saucha

The yamas are known as the restraints, while the niyamas are thought of as the observances. The first niyama, saucha, which is often translated as cleanliness or purity, is an interesting one to start with because its interpretations can…


11/1/09 Lecture, Part 1. Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

11/1/09 Lecture, Part 1, duration 60 minutes [videojs mp4=”″] The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is perhaps the seminal work on the meaning and purpose of Yoga. The study of this text is not simply an academic curiosity, but a…