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Overheard in Class

The Importance of the Exhale

In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Tias Little reminds us to release all the air out of our lungs, diaphragm and ribs during exhalation to bring awareness to the core. When you fully exhale, you create the space for…

The Anatomy of the Chakras

The Anatomy of the Chakras

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yoga for the subtle body
Guest Contributors

The Great Mystery of the Subtle Body

When imagining the subtle body, the mystics and yogis of India and Tibet designed elaborate systems for navigating the body’s interior, akin to the network circuitry of a computer. These systems map the flow of breath called pr?na whose…

Tias Little Yoga

Are Your Ears Burning?

Yoga is all really a training of the inner ear. Every time you do half moon pose or crow, you are balancing your inner ear. When you make the sound of Ujjayi breath, you commune with the flow of…