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The Language of Yoga

Niyamas: Svadhyaya

More recently, svadhyaya has come to mean "self-reflection." Self-reflection is the thing most of us not only resist, but resist with vigor. Sitting with all our pain and trying to understand it by looking into it can feel like…

The Language of Yoga

The Yamas: Ahimsa

The first yama, ahimsa, is usually translated as non-violence or non-harming. Just like the Hippocratic oath instructs fledgling doctors to “do no harm,” this first yama includes the same fundamental idea for the rest of us: In part of…

The Language of Yoga

Eight Limbs of Yoga: The Yamas

The yamas - there are five of them - make up the first limb of yoga. These, along with the niyamas, are guidelines for living a better, more fulfilled life. But before you roll your eyes, the yamas are…

The Language of Yoga

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

"While the physical practices are wonderful and might help us experience clarity and peace, they don't address the reasons why we lose our peace, why we may be anxious, insecure, or unfulfilled." If learning about the eight limbs can…