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5 Wellness Cookbooks to Read Right Now

We're all about nourishing our mind, body and spirit and one of the best ways we can honor our temple is to eat mindfully. We can't get enough of these amazing cookbooks with recipes for healthy living and eating!…


YogaGlo Programs Now on iPhone & iPad!

So many YogaGlo members have been loving our new Programs and you can now take them with you wherever you go! We just added Programs to iOS so you can stay on track with your Programs on your mobile…


News You Missed This Week

This week in wellness news, when it comes to recovery days, gentle yoga is a smart, low-impact way to unwind. But if you’re a regular runner, your practice likely won’t look the same as that of the super-pliable person…

Kathryn Budig Recipes

Kathryn Budig’s Quinoa Egg Power Bites Recipe

Looking for a quick protein packed snack that will help you refuel after a yoga or fitness class? Try Kathryn Budig's Quinoa Egg Power Bites! These little bites are a perfect combination of protein and healthy fat, giving you…

Announcements Athletes

Olivia Hsu Yoga for Climbers on YogaGlo

We are thrilled to announce that we've just launched a ton of great yoga classes for climbers, taught by world-class climber Olivia Hsu! An elite level climber who has spent over half of her life defying gravity, Olivia Hsu found…

SuperBowl Yoga
Cultural Moments

Super Bowl Yoga

Short meditations for calming down during #SuperBowl, long practices for ignoring it entirely. You choose, yogis!…