There's a Class for That

Your practice is showing

You’ve been showing up for your practice, and so in turn, it shows.

Many of us first came to our mats in search of a new form of physical exercise. While an invigorating round of sun salutations or Pilates ab series will certainly leave us toned and energized, over time we see that these practices offer so much more. 

When we show up for ourselves physically and mentally—challenging our focus, commitment, and stamina—the evidence begins to appear in many surprising and satisfying ways. Maybe the focus we found on the mat reappears while we’re at the office or the compassion we felt during meditation helps us communicate more consciously. Just like a muscle, our desired qualities are strengthened thought consistent effort.

Take frustration or impatience, for example. These emotions can be very difficult to control. Some things just get under our skin. We feel them bubbling up and it’s like we’re powerless to stop the flood. It might feel like a release to let it all out, but after there is inevitably regret. Why couldn’t we have been kinder, calmer, more centered?

While we can’t stop the triggers, we can practice finding our calm center again and again on the mat, so eventually, it’s available to us when we feel our blood temperature rise. It’s not an easy transformation—it takes time, it takes effort—but with practice what used to ruffle our feathers starts to roll right off. It’s important not to expect perfection, we’re human after all, but each small win helps us navigate our relationships and the world with a little more joy and ease.

Just like that, you begin to chip away at any unhelpful emotions and patterns that might be clouding your radiance. Think of your body and mind as a glass lantern—with layers of old energy stuck on, your glow will be dimmed. The clearer and more open you become, the brighter your shine.

As you progress with your practice and begin to feel better in body and mind, you may discover that you don’t view things quite the same. Rather than an inconvenience, a long line might become an opportunity for a quick meditation. And instead of beating yourself up over every mistake, you may simply feel grateful for the chance to learn and grow. The circumstances around you are the same, but suddenly you find that everything has changed for the better.

Remember, it’s easy to notice the effects of your practice when you’re basking in the afterglow of savasana. But it’s those unexpected, off-the-mat moments that really drive home how far you’ve come. Whether it’s keeping your cool during a confrontation or noticing your usual triggers don’t hold as much sway, the unforeseen side effects of your practice can be seriously life-changing. Often these benefits are not what we had planned, but true transformation happens when we allow our progress to unfold in its own time and its own way. If you are practicing, change is happening. Just keep showing up.

We invite you to continue your metamorphosis on the mat with one of these transformative classes:

Changes, Shifts, & Transformations with Steven Espinosa
Hatha – 60 min

Churning into Nectar with Jo Tastula
Vinyasa Flow – 60 min

Purify & Refine: Meditate with the Violet Light with Sally Kempton
Meditation – 15 min

Daily Shift with Kia Miller
Kundalini – 45 min

Pilates Meets Mindfulness with  Mark Osmundsen
Mat Pilates – 60 min

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