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5 Yoga Classes for a Mind and Body Detox

Feeling depleted, sluggish and in serious need of a mind/body overhaul? Yoga to the rescue! This week’s featured classes will help facilitate the body’s natural detox process, clearing out excess and removing internal stagnation.

  • Detox Flow with Claudine: Invigorate your practice with this strong, challenging flow that focuses on twists and forward bends for detoxification. Twists are associated with toning and rejuvenating, and forward folding brings core awareness. Expect to increase blood flow, feeling a sense of rinsing and clearing from the inside out. Get your heart pumping and body moving as you also practice balance postures, optional handstands, and conclude with a nice long cool down. Leave feeling refreshed and energized! Props Needed: A block. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
  • Detox to Freedom with Rod: Combining the principles of Ayurveda and tantric Hatha, move through a dynamic practice that emphasizes purification of your body by way of directing prana (life force) to your heart for transformation on all levels. Begin your practice with simple movements combined with the sound of Om so you can tune in and get centered. Use postures like forward folds, bound extended side angle, and a dynamic cobra sequence to engage the viscera. Rest in savasana.
  • Inner Wellness Boost with Claire Missingham: Anytime you feel you need to boost your inner wellness, either your physical or emotional well being, to help you deal with imbalances, or in times of stress, this is the class for you. Twists, organ nurturing postures and toning through the detox organs, leaving you feeling invigorated, yet relaxed. Start sitting back on your heels and twist into several poses building to side crow. A variation on headstand will also help nurture your being.
  • Mini Detox with Tiffany: Begin with a quick flow to build heat and then experience long holds. Also do some work for the neck & shoulders to help release toxic stress that accumulates there. Use movement to help circulate the blood to help release toxins with some deeper twisting variations to help work a little deeper. You can use this practice with a larger detox routine or on its own. Props Needed: A blanket or towel.
  • Detoxify with Giselle: Eat right? Check. Drink plenty of water? Check. Get the right amount of sleep? Check. But do you still feel a little toxic? It’s easy to forget your thoughts, words and actions impacting the deeper layers of your being. This brisk practice provides a well-rounded experience with the intention of detoxifying your mind/body container through twists, front body openers, and inversions to help you feel truly cleansed. Props Suggested: 1-4 blankets.

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