The language of meditation

Yoga & Meditation to Begin Your Week

This week in wellness news, getting and maintaining the attention of students is a core area of struggle in many classrooms. Students are continuously told to pay attention, but who teaches them how to pay attention?

Read that and these other great stories yoga, health & wellness stories from around the web.

  • Twice weekly yoga classes plus home practice effective in reducing symptoms of depression: “People who suffer from depression should participate in yoga and deep (coherent) breathing classes at least twice weekly plus practice at home to receive a significant reduction in their symptoms.”
  • Crisis at Work? Time to Meditate: “It may be the last thing you would expect, but there’s evidence that people who meditate regularly are more likely to act effectively when things go wrong. Let’s take a look at why this might be and look at a quick technique that you can use to help out at those times when a crisis in the workplace (or anytime in your life) requires you to perform at your best.”
  • Mindfulness, meditation helping elite athletes on and off the field: “Like a lot of young men you get tipped upside down and turned inside out and I didn’t really know which was up,” he said. “I found it was really comforting for me and also allowed me to deal with some anger and different other stuff that was going on inside me.”

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