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6 Yoga Classes to Help Build Immunity

While everyone is bound to suffer from the occasional cold, the practicing yogi is less likely to come down with it and if they do, their recovery time is a lot quicker. Yoga can help strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to those crummy colds. They say that the best treatment is prevention, so make sure you give a little extra love to your mat during this time of year.

This week’s featured classes will help regulate and boost the immune system, keeping it strong and healthy.

  • Immunity for Fall with Dice: This class is focused on ridding the body of toxins and impurities via deep twists, a good amount of folds and a nice dose of inversions through handstands. We venture through postures like twisted lunge (knee up and down), twisted half moon pose, twisted triangle and ardha matsyendrasana. For folds we incorporate seated fold, standing fold, seated wide legged fold and standing wide legged fold. We finish with a supine sequence from the floor. Enjoy my fellow yogis and stay healthy this fall/winter!
  • Balance Your Systems to Support Your Immunity with Elena: Informed by Lori Batcheller’s April 2009 article in FitYoga, this sequence clears the pathways to and from your organs to balance your systems and support your immunity. In each pose, you’ll learn the benefits and intentions that will optimize your wellness.
  • Stimulate Circulation & Boost Immunity with Felicia: This slow-moving class incorporates a variety of moving twists specifically sequenced to stimulate circulation through the lymphatic system and enhance the body’s natural immunity. This practice has a Restorative gentle feel to it.
  • Linking the Five Most Vital Poses with Rod Stryker: The 5 most essential poses in yoga? Find the answer in this practice. Some hints: they are not standing poses, although standing poses help prepare you for them; handstand is not one of them; each one of the five is tri-dosha–meaning they are good for everyone’s constitution. This delicious practice builds immunity, improves sleep and internal organ function, stokes gastric fire and releases muscular tension, in other words, it tones the entire body and mind. Includes ending meditation.
  • Ashtanga for Immune System with Jodi: This is a traditional full primary series class where you learn about the many many ways that a yoga practice positively impacts your immune system. Focus is placed on discussions of how the postures affect your circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Shake Up Your System with Kia Miller: This energizing kriya focuses on the lymph glands, which are guardians of health. It is a wonderful tonic for your immune system. Class includes dancing, active arm movements, frog pose and a meditative ending. Let your funky side out! Props Suggested: A blanket.

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