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Get Stronger, Calmer and More Flexible with YogaGlo Programs

YogaGlo 3-Week Programs for Strength, Calm, Flexibility

It’s a new year, with many new goals. Sometimes it’s easy to stick to those goals and sometimes it’s…well…not so easy. We recently launch three different three-week programs to help guide you toward your New Year goals:

  • Get Stronger – Yes, it’s true. You can build physical strength through your yoga practice. To get stronger in the New Year, join one of our three-week strength programs. It’s three classes a week for only three weeks and if you stick with it, you will see a noticeable difference. Our strength programs are specifically designed to give you a balanced workout to condition muscles for increased strength and stamina, while propelling your body through a fuller range of motion. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase tone or build more muscle, completing any one of these programs (for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) will help you be and feel stronger.
  • Get Calmer – Looking to calm your body and mind? Our Calmness programs are specifically designed to help you release stress and focus on stillness and breath, while invigorating your body and finding your inner harmony. Whether you’re looking to boost mental clarity, unwind after a long day or rejuvenate your mind and body, this program will help you be and feel more calm.
  • Get More Flexible – Looking to gain greater flexibility? These programs are specifically designed to twist, bend and stretch your body while working on major muscle groups such as hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders. Whether your focus is to release body tension, gain greater range of motion or be less suseptible to injuries, this program will help you be and feel more flexible.

Each program offers a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced option and you’ll get to take a quick assessment when you start so you can measure progress as you move through your program.

Get a few of your friends to join in and start a program together!

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