There's a Class for That Yoga for Beginners

Beginner Calm Programs

Are you a beginner yogi looking to calm your body and mind? This beginner program is specifically designed to help you release stress and focus on stillness and breath, while invigorating your body and finding your inner harmony. Whether you’re looking to boost mental clarity, unwind after a long day or rejuvenate your mind and body, this program will help you be and feel more calm.

Check out our beginner calm program classes:

  • Yinstant Zen with Carole: A time efficient sequence designed to address each of the major meridian lines in your body. Sleeping swan, child’s pose with a twist, sphynx and a belly down savasana are included. The result is a full body “tune-up and tune-in”, leaving you feeling completely zenned out. Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • Before Bed Meditation with Amy: A short & sweet-before-bed meditation practice to help get into a state of appreciation. All that’s required is a blanket or cushion to sit on and an open heart and mind.
  • Relax the Struggle with Giselle: When you’re a parent, combined with having a stressful job, have a lot on your emotional plate or all of the above, this brief guided meditation practice gives you a moment to step back from the chaos and let go of the struggle. A little goes a long way, and can be practiced at any time of day. Props Suggested: One or two blankets.
  • Gently Revitalize Body, Mind & Senses: This short practice is ideal when you need to unplug for a moment and connect in. The practice consists of a guided meditation with breath focusing on each part of the body. This is an ancient technique to gently revitalize the body, mind and senses. Props Suggested: A blanket to sit or lie down on.
  • Reclining & Restorative Poses: In this short but sweet class, Steven leads you through a series of Reclining and Restorative Poses well suited for beginning and intermediate students alike. Using minimal props (with options) to create a supportive, relaxing and rejuvenating experience to help restore our bodies for a restful night’s sleep! Props: Blanket, 2 Blocks, strap
  • Low Back Love: Encourage decompression of your low back through supine bridge with a block. You spend more of your day engaged in activities that create compression in your spine. Through bridge with a block, you’ll hit the reset button and allow your low back to decompress through simple held traction, relaxation and ease. Props Needed: A block.
  • Recharge Your Batteries: This is a great immune system booster. A perfect weekly self care and rejuvenation practice. Take this time for yourself so you can truly show up and be as radiant as possible in your life. Props: 3 blankets, 2 blocks, A strap, A chair or wall
  • Increase Awareness: Done completely on your back in a supine position, explore a simple series of sleeping pigeon and hip oriented stretches combined with body scan imagery and awareness techniques to connect with the inner intelligence of your body. Use savasana to cement this intelligence and affect your mind, body, heart and spirit. Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • A Piece of Peace with Giselle: Treat yourself to a little peace. Sit down for a guided meditation that will help develop your witnessing skills and calm your mind and body. No experience necessary, just a willingness to sit and be led. Props Suggested: A blanket


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