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3 Yoga Stories to Kick-Start Your Week

This week in wellness news, mix the right yoga postures—and add in some not-so-traditional tweaks—and, voilà, your mat routine can work extra-strength sculpting magic on your upper body, carving defined shoulders, sleek arms and toned legs.

Read that and these other great stories yoga, health & wellness stories from around the web.

  • The Yoga Workout for Strong Arms, Flat Abs, and a Long-Lasting Burn: “Witness what this amazing yoga-with-a-twist method does for your upper body, and it will immediately become your regular mat routine”
  • Yoga is Officially Sweeping the Workplace: “Our finding of high and increasing rates of exposure to mindfulness practices among U.S. workers is encouraging,” they wrote in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) journal Preventing Chronic Disease. “Approximately 1 in 7 workers report engagement in some form of mindfulness-based activity, and these individuals can bring awareness of the benefit of such practices into the workplace.”
  • Struggling To Meditate? Five Tips For Boosting Your Daily Practice: “One of the most common complaints I hear when I teach mindfulness workshops are from people that say they know they should meditate but can’t find the time or have trouble making it a habit. In my previous posts, I discussed the science behind making (and keeping) New Year’s resolutions and alternative mindfulness practices for people who hate to meditate. In this post, I’ll share some practical ways of making meditation part of your daily routine.”