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Yogic Meditation – Beyond Mindfulness

Not just mindfulness. Not just watching the breath. Definitely not “trying not to think”. Meditation is a living, breathing, inner world of exploration, healing, and revelation.…

Overheard in Class

Work in Progress

Focus on enjoying the experience of being in your body and breath. Begin to relearn who you are and who you are becoming.…

lotus in headstand
Pose of the Week

Lotus in Headstand

In this week's Pose of the Week, Tiffany Cruikshank demonstrates Lotus in Headstand or Urdhva Padmasana in Sirsasana. Explore a challenging variation of headstand that employs both a stable inversion practice as well as open hips and knees. Work this one…

overheard in yoga class
Overheard in Class

Seat of Power

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Rod Stryker explains that building prana at our navel using asana, pranayama and mantra will help us unlock our infinite potential. …

Pose of the Week

Pose of the Week: Dolphin Pose

In this week's Pose of the Week, Jo Tastula demonstrates Dolphin Pose or Ardha Pincha Mayurasana. Find some peace of mind and strength in your shoulders with this prepatory inversion pose.…

Overheard in Class

Wrap It Up & Let It Go

In this week’s Pose of the Week, Richard Freeman explains that of utmost importance in all asana practices, especially more rigorous forms is a balanced and grounded finishing sequence. Discover the importance of finishing postures and the linking movements…

pose of the week
Pose of the Week

Pose of the Week: Half Locust Pose

In this week's Pose of the Week, Giselle Mari demonstrates half locust pose or arch salabasana. Find your back body strength with a fun variation of locust pose. A great pose when you want to build back body…