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trudy goodman

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

I love mindfulness because it can go anywhere. No suffering is too crazy, too weird, too scary, too sad, too upsetting, too tragic, too overwhelming or too huge for mindfulness to know and embrace. Mindfulness gives me the courage…


Yogic Meditation – Beyond Mindfulness

Not just mindfulness. Not just watching the breath. Definitely not “trying not to think”. Meditation is a living, breathing, inner world of exploration, healing, and revelation.…

Meditate Your Weight
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Meditation Myths

Find the tool that you need and use it. But from a scientific perspective, and for the results we’re looking for in the mind and body, please know there are many “right” ways to do it.…

david harshada wagner
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The Massive Power of Drshthi

When calamities strike, big or small, local or global, personal or societal, it's disorienting. It is like a blow to the face. We get scrambled, dizzied, confused and stunned. If we don't have vision, we might be apt…